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i programmed a Chat-Program like ICQ with C# and WCF.

Now i want to build a Web-Client-Version with ASP.NET. Is this possible? I want that new chatrooms-popup in the window like meebo (or in a new tab). I have to use the Client-WebService-Class from my WCF-service, right? But is it possible to react on server-side Events with ASP.NET? New messages, new chatroom-invitations, chat events like "user goes online/offline" should be handled dynamically by the site without refresh-actions from the user.

Are there some tutorials?

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I too would like some insite. –  BRampersad May 15 '11 at 15:42

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I don't think there's anything in the current technology that allows a server to refresh a browser client. So you're not going to get something that's server-initiated to update the client (unless you're using Silverlight).

Most answers to this question have suggested that you regularly poll your server for any changes to the conversation and update the output in javascript. Here's one from CodeProject. Googling for ASP.NET chat or MVC Chat produces similar results.

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