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Possible Duplicate:
Best way to get into an open source project

Hi, I'm recently thinking about reading some open source project code to improve both my language skill and understanding to a specific system.

In particular, the one I'm currently reading on is Kyoto Cabinet.

Since it's such a large project(a few megabytes' code), I got no idea how to start with.

Can anyone give some hint about how to start reading an open source project?

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General advice about reading any code base: first create a mental model about what the code does.

Then iteratively refine your mental model to finer and finer levels of details by reading the source. Sometimes when you read parts of the source you will find that your mental model was wrong in some way, in which case you must update your model ( as a scientist updates their hypothesis ).

Without a model in your head regarding how the code works you will learn only trivial bits and pieces of the code without learning a thing about what the code really does, what problems were encountered, how they were solved, and how the entire thing works together.

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Just start somewhere.

Find a subsystem that you think you would find interesting - read through that till you understand how it is constructed and how it works.

The look at how it inter-operates with other parts. And so on and so on.

With very large projects one person would never be expected to understand all of it.

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