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I need to read a file in a series of lines, and then retrieve specific lines depending on words that are contained in them. How can I do this?

So far I read the lines like this:

lines = File.readlines("myfile.txt")

Now, I need to scan for lines that contain "red", "rabbit", "blue". I want to do this part in as few lines of code as possible.

So if my file was:

the red queen of hearts.
yet another sentence.
and this has no relevant words.
the blue sky
the white chocolate rabbit.
another irrelevant line.

I would like to see only the lines:

the red queen of hearts.
the blue sky
the white chocolate rabbit.
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I suppose you don't want lines that contain the strings "red", etc. You want lines that contain them as words. See my comment on floatless's answer. – sawa May 15 '11 at 20:30

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lines = File.readlines("myfile.txt").grep(/red|rabbit|blue/)
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This will match lines that include "Fred", "jackrabbit", "bluer". The regex should be /\b(?:red|rabbit|blue)\b/. – sawa May 15 '11 at 20:28

Regular expressions are your friend. They will make quick work of this task.

You would want a regex along the lines of


The ^ means start of line, the .* means match anything, (red|rabbit|blue) means exactly what you think it means, and lastly the $ means end of line.

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I think an each loop would be best in this situation:

lines.each do |line|
    if line.include? red or rabbit or blue
        puts line

Give that a shot.

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