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I have written a java program to perform CURE clustering. I wish to add this program to weka as a clustering algorithm and visualize the clustering. Has anyone already implemented it on weka?Any links to that would be very much helpful. How do I proceed with it?

share|improve this question… - This is the JavaDoc for the clustering functionality in WEKA. This seems to me a good place to start reading if you wish to implement new clusterer in WEKA. Also check the corresponding source codes. – zloster Nov 18 '11 at 20:50

Weka is very weak on clustering. Actually clustering in Weka is pretty much non-existant. The implementations of e.g. OPTICS are essentially external programs that are just called, but not at all integrated. You might want to have a look at ELKI, which is like Weka for clustering and outlier detection (it doesn't have classification though - this is where Weka is strong). It does not yet have CURE though, either. But a dozen of other clusterers and visualizations for them.

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There is a CURE on Weka project available here:

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