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Bit of a strange questions. I have a tile object which i look through to see if i need to create an animation. If i need to i create the animation and add it to an array

I then go off and loop through some more tile objects adding more animation to the array.

I then want to run the array of animation in sequence however i dont have the original object to instantiate run action from, this means they have to be run on the last object which means they all start from that last objects position instead of the position that the animation was created from

Can anyone suggest away that i can build up an array of animations for multiple different objects then run it so they appear in the position on the board where i created them at.

Thanks for any insight


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Can you post your code? – lins314159 May 16 '11 at 23:00

I have resolved my issue by having a function i call in a loop after the animation has completed, not as clean as i hoped but a suitable solution.

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