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I'm trying to upload a python sample application onto my own appspot account. It works fine on localhost but whenever I uploads it via command line/gae launcher, I get this message:

Closing update: new version is ready to start serving.
Uploading index definitions.
Error 400: --- begin server output ---
Building a composite index failed: ApplicationError: 1 
--- end server output ---
Your app was updated, but there was an error updating your indexes. Please retry later    with update_indexes.
2011-05-16 02:45:15 (Process exited with code 0)

The result is that the deployed application cant be seen or has an error. When I run with update_indexes, they tell me index.yaml has errors. I tried to modify it but to no avail..

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what does your index.yaml look like? We can't guess what the errors are... –  Wooble May 15 '11 at 19:01

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