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I'm using the following code to create a file and write data into it:

fileName = "file:///store/home/user/myapp/groups.xml";    

try {
  fc = (FileConnection) Connector.open(fileName, Connector.READ_WRITE);
  if (!fc.exists())
    os = fc.openDataOutputStream();
    String XMLString = "blablabla";
    byte[] FinalXML = XMLString.getBytes();
} catch (IOException e) {

It works good on my bb 9700 with OS6 and on 9700 simulator. But it doesn't work on 9550 device and simulator. I'm getting IOException. The message says

File not found

Does anybody have some voodoo magic that will help me?

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Have you checked that the file name makes sense on both devices? Sometimes the directory structure is different if there is or isn't a media card inserted. You can see what directories there are via Media -> Menu -> Browse or something similar in the device. –  spacemanaki May 15 '11 at 19:07
Sorry, i forgot to add fileName that contains path. Fixed. I'm trying to save file on the device memory. I think that this part of path file:///store/home/user/ is the same for all BB devices. Am I right? –  Alexey May 15 '11 at 19:31

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Looks like the folder "file:///store/home/user/myapp/" does not exist yet. Just check for its presence first, if not present - create and then go on with rest of your code.

BTW, the "file:///store/home/user/" path is valid for all mentioned devices.

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Ok, i've tried and was able to write file here "file:///store/home/user/" using storm simulator. But strange, that 9700 can create a folder by itself, when i use this command "fc.create", but 9550 - cannot. Thanks for the assistance. –  Alexey May 16 '11 at 10:50

IOExeption go if the firewall disallows a connection that is not btspp or comm. so you have to add permission for your program such as FILE_API ..... you can read book : Advance BB dev to do this

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