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Hey I'm trying to look at how I would refine results based on criteria.

The idea is, for example when you have movie theatre I want people to answer 10 questions, where each Question has 2 answers like: Thriller/Horror Kids/Adult Foreign/Local

etc etc, and when people choose theire criteria, the script returns movies that are close to those criteria in let's say a top 5 list.

So I imagine you'd need to predefine stuff to the movies on which the script can match the criteria and whenever a movie has the most matches it comes up as the top one.

Does anybody know a script or a way to begin?

Thanks if anyone can help me

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Use tags. The movies that match the most tags selected by the user are displayed.

You'd have three tables, movies, tags and movies_tags (cross-reference).

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Thanks for the help, sounds good. And what would the movies_tags hold for data? So what would be the best combination. I assume using, PHP and mysql to compare and read the data. Then maybe Ajax to return and show the results in a fancy manner? –  Shuyinsama May 16 '11 at 7:51

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