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I am currently working on a winforms application. In one of requirements I need to make sure that I can add a node to a treeView which is contained in a child form , when i click on a tabstrip button of the mdi parent.

if someone can please help me with this, it would be awesome and well appreciated..

Thanks and regards GJ

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In your parent form, keep a refernce to the child form around. In the child form, add a public method or something that adds a node to the tree view. And when you click that tab strip button, just call that method on the child reference you have.

public Window
   ChildForm childForm;

   public Window()
      childForm = new ChildForm();

   public OnTabStripClicked()

public ChildForm
    public void AddNode()
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Thanks.. also this was not the exact solution, but it did give me a hint.. thanks for your help .. really appreciate it.. thanks –  Gagan May 15 '11 at 23:05

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