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I've been trying to set up a web server using EC2 on Amazon web services. Using the appstack-nginx-passenger-ree AMI, I tried to set up the server.

I put my ruby files in /opt/sites and I installed passenger and apache2-dev & apace2-mpm-fork. I had to set up the apache config file. Afterwards what should I do?

How do I set the path file of the ruby files and deploy them? How can I start up the server and be able to look at it?

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You should make sure you start up apache (which should show you a default welcome page on your the IP of you box (if you have opened up the firewall)), then setup the path to your ruby project in your httpd.conf file.

Here's a guide that might help you out

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Paul, your link is broken, the corrected link for the guide is this Setting up Rails 3 on Amazon EC2 instance

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