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I'm trying to embed a Primefaces commandLink and call an action listener from a link inside a column of a Primefaces dataTable. Is this not possible? The "Test" onclick alert gets fired but it never makes it to my bean's method.

<p:dataTable var="location" value="#{adminBean.locations}">  
        <p:column headerText="Options">  
            <p:commandLink value="delete" actionListener="#{admin.deleteLocation}" onclick="alert('test')"/>

bean code:

public void deleteLocation(ActionEvent e){
   //delete logic here...
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This is possible. Your actionListener should be called. Keep in mind that the p:commandButton uses ajax by default. So you should use the update attribute in order to define the components to be updated.

However, I don't know if this affects the actionListener. Did you try it with action instead of actionListener?

Here is an example how I got it working:

<p:commandLink action="#{spc.selectPatient(item)}"

The bean method looks as follows:

 public String selectPatient(Patient p) {
    // do something
    // return some outcome
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I'll give yours a try but I also see this – c12 May 16 '11 at 18:06

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