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I have divided form in to two sections: sec1 and sec2. Each section is part of a div named as sec1Div and sec2Div. Based upon some selection one of div is hidden. But the problem is that still fields in hidden section are submitted. Please suggest a way so that all of fields in a div are not submitted on submit.

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There are several ways to do that. You can hook a function to the form submit's event, or you can remove the name attributes of the fields inside the hidden div. You can also disable the fields, by setting disabled="disabled".

If you are using jQuery, you can do those examples.

To disable all fields in the hidden div, you can do something like:

function hideDiv(el) {
    $('input', el).each(function(){
        $(this).attr('disabled', 'disabled');

And, the appropriate show div function:

function showDiv(el) {
    $('input', el).each(function(){

Please remind that this is just a code example. But you can take the idea from that.

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The reason this is happening is because the elements are still within the form element. Hiding a div using CSS won't change this - they're still present in the DOM.

It would likely be easiest to add a hidden input field to each div that can be used to identify server side which one you should be processing. You can then simply ignore the data from the hidden form.

If you really must stop the data from being posted, it's a little messy but you could move the hidden div's contents outside of the form element so that the fields won't be submitted. If you wanted to display the div again, you'd then need to move the fields back in. Depending on how complex your CSS is, this could cause problems in some browsers, so I'd advise using my first suggestion.

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