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I need to know the database name and database server name inside a symfony project. How can one access the current database connection settings programmatically in symfony (using Doctrine)?

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for example:

foreach(Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->getConnections() as $connection){
  $conn = $connection->getOptions();
  preg_match('/host=(.*);/', $conn['dsn'], $host);
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The dbname in the dsn for a specific conexion:


    class: sfDoctrineDatabase
      dsn: 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=basegestion1'
      username: miusuario
      password: ********
    class: sfDoctrineDatabase
      dsn: 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=baseestadisticas1'
      username: miusuario
      password: ********

In the Action:

$mConexion1Options = Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->getConnection('conexion1')->getOptions();
preg_match('/dbname=(.*)/', $mConexion1Options['dsn'], $mDbConexion1);

Then, the dbname is:

echo $mDbConexion1[1]; //basegestion1
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Use this code:

$myConnection           = Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->getConnection('doctrine')->getOptions();
$dsnInfo                = $this->parseDsn($myConnection['dsn']);
$settings               = array();
$settings['dbUser']     = (string) $myConnection["username"];
$settings['dbPassword'] = (string) $myConnection["password"];
$settings['dbHost']     = (string) $dsnInfo["host"];
$settings['dbName']     = (string) $dsnInfo['dbname'];

private function parseDsn ($dsn)
  $dsnArray            = array();
  $dsnArray['phptype'] = substr($dsn, 0, strpos($dsn, ':'));
  preg_match('/dbname  = (\w+)/', $dsn, $dbname);
  $dsnArray['dbname']  = $dbname[1];
  preg_match('/host    = (\w+)/', $dsn, $host);
  $dsnArray['host']    = $host[1];

  return $dsnArray;
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