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I am creating a mail(not email) messaging system on a website (in the same line as Facebook). I am looking at employing a queue for creating the messages. The problem I am facing is that in terms of user experience and UI, if I create a new conversation/message, while it gets added to the queue, it may sit there for 30+ seconds while the next poll runs. As the list of messages being returned comes from the non-queue table, there are limited options to how to show that the message has been sent.

Can only think of: - When message is created, show a "messaging sending" ajax loader, and initialize a javascript poll of the queue to run every 5 secs. When the queue item no longer exists, reload the conversation list with the updated items. - When a message is created, or page loads, query the message table, and join against the queue table for any messages created by senderid, so to user, it essentially looks like message has truly been sent. (Only issue with this, is that is technically negates the reason for a queue).

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Not sure what the question is. Can you clarify? –  Richard Brightwell May 16 '11 at 1:08
Are you looking for advice on the best user experience so that they know that there's a message in the works? –  David Hoerster May 16 '11 at 1:20
Yes, whether or not the UI examples I gave are "correct", or if the queue is actually necessary (as the load on inserting a simple record in to the DB is pretty small) –  mickyjtwin May 16 '11 at 1:28

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