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I need online file storage that supports webdav so I can mount the storage as a drive to my local drive, priority is speedy read and writes, can you give me some recommendation?

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You can create your own using IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .Net. You will just need to click-through wizard in Viasual Studio. You will get the best performance if you select "store files and metadata in file system option".

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I have some of my SkyDrive folders mapped as local drives on my machine, and it works pretty well. I have to admit that I haven't tested it for speed, so I'm not sure if it's up to the performance that you're looking for.

Some blogs to help you with the steps:

  1. Connect Your SkyDrive To Windows Explorer
  2. Access SkyDrive from Windows Explorer through WebDAV

Hope this helps!

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Apache Jackrabbit ( ) will do what you want. It has a very simple standalone deployment option that you can just double-click and then access the file system via WebDAV.

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