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In textbox autocomplete properties when i entered a character like 'm' it dropped all strings start with 'm' or 'M' but when i write a character 'أ' (this is an Arabic character) it dropped only string start with 'أ' , I want when i typed 'أ' or 'ا' or 'إ' or 'آ' it drop all strings start with any character from those not the typed character only , in C# windows application I'm not using Any suggestions????

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i need it so much , any help?? –  mary fayek May 16 '11 at 2:05

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I am quite surprised to see that neither the text box control nor the auto complete string collection has a way to specify what defines string equality for the auto-complete mechanism. The only way I can think of to get the behavior that you want would be to create your own auto-complete mechanism.

I have done this several times in the past, before the functionality was supplied by the framework, and it is not difficult.

Just use an editable ComboBox instead of a TextBox, and handle the TextChanged event to create the autocompletions.

Here is some untried pseudocode of the procedure:

bool textChangedProgramatically = false;
List<string> myStrings; // The list of items that can appear in the auto-complete.

private static myComboBox_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs args)
    if (textChangedProgramatically)

    string searchText = myComboBox.Text;

    // Use appropriate culturally-sensative string StartsWith comparisons
    List<string> matchingItems = GetMatchingStrings(searchText, myStrings);

    string firstMatch;
    if (matchingItems.Length > 0)
        firstMatch = matchingItems[0];
        firstMatch = string.Empty;


    string fulltext = searchText;
    if (firstMatch.Length > fullText.Length)
        fullText = fullText + firstMatch.Substring(fullText.Length);
        textChangeProgramatically = true;
        myComboBox.Text = fullText;
        myComboBox.SelectionStart = searchText.Length;
        myComboBox.SelectionLength = fullText.Length - searchText.Length;
        textChangeProgramatically = false;

The trick is to get the right matching behavior in GetMatchingStrings. You may want to use string compatibility normalization to get the Arabic characters into non-presentation forms before doing the comparison, but I expect the right SubString overload might handle all of these cases for you.

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