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Does anyone know whether i can pass a table from a page to another pop-up page when the button been clicked?

Example: In page A, I have the following code :


when I clicked on the following javascript, new page will pop-up and it will passing the same table and information over:


Do anyone know whether it's possible happen in jquery, javasctip or ajax?

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You can call a function in the parent window using opener.functionName and in that you can access the table in the parent window.

For more details read window.opener

In your parent (opener) window

<table id="table1">

function getTable() {
    var tableObj = document.getElementById("table1");
    return tableObj;

In your child window

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When you open a new window, you can write whatever you want as its content, so you can do:

myNewWindow.document.write('<html><title></title>' + someElement.innerHTML + '</html>');
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