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I create a Silverlight OOB application in which I try to change the background color of the window transparent. I would like to use as wallpaper its own image. This is not square and therefore interferes with the white background color of the main window. In the OutOfBrowserSettings I can put as the "Window Style" to "none ".

In WPF there are the two following window properties: AllowsTransparency = "True" Background = "Transparent"

Unfortunately, this does not seem to know about Silverlight, though! Does anyone know how I get the background color of the main window transparent?

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Have you tried to set beackground to {x:Null}? Or maybe to set the alpha in color to 0 which means transparent. For example #00FFFFFF or #00000000.

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This is not possible with the current version (4) of Silverlight.

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