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I have a problem reading the response from facebook when authenticating on the url with curl

The response that comes back in the body is: access_token=XXX&expires=5435

My question is: How do I make Facebook reply with Json data?

I have tried adding Content-Type:json to the request headers but it does not help.

Thanks for any help!



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That's an exception on the Graph API. /oauth/access_token is the only point that doesn't return JSON, as far as I know.

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It's a bug: http://developers.facebook.com/bugs/325262010847554?browse=search_4f99eacc521fc2634034618

It violates the OAuth 2.0 spec (which FB is co-authoring!): http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-oauth-v2-25#section-5.1

I agree - they should at least honor the Accept: application/json header!

See also a similar question, here: Facebook oauth/access_token missing

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