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How can I get the type of generic parameter?

For example:

void Example<T>()
  // Here I want to get the type of T (and how can I get if T is a primitive 
  // kind (int,bool,string) not class)
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Type type = typeof(T);

That will get you the type object for type T.

type.IsPrimitive will tell you if it's one of the primitive types, see list here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.type.isprimitive.aspx

Also, note that although string is a basic type, which is very integrated with the .NET system, it is not a primitive. System.String is a full-fledged class, not a primitive.

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Also you can get the type of T from an instance of the type T:

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use the following for getting the type of T:

Type typeParameterType = typeof(T);

typeof (C# Reference)

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