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I'm trying to print a table stored in a BMP image. I don't know in advance the table size, paper size or printer resolution. While the table fits into 1 page, everything is fine, but when it grows larger then the sheet of paper, c# just cuts off the reminder of the table.

I understand that I have to split the image into several smaller ones manually and print each one on a separate page, but I'm having problems on deciding where to split. My problem is that I can get table dimensions in pixels but the sheet size is in inches, so I have no idea how much of the table can fit on one sheet. How can I get both values in same units?

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var img = Image.FromFile("img.jpg");
var w = i.Width / img.HorizontalResolution; //in Inches
var h = i.Height / img.VerticalResolution;  //in Inches
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