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I got this error while (re)building, using cygwin make.exe version :3.81.

Error : *** target pattern contains no `%'.
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umm.. the error is " *** target pattern contains no `%'.", i put this in the title but somehow it got truncated. grr.. –  Reno Mar 2 '09 at 7:33
@Reno: Could you add it to the main text then? –  Zach Scrivena Mar 2 '09 at 7:37

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This error is due to a presence of a ":". Therefore it no longer supports windows paths. You need to download version 3.80 and replace the make.exe in the \bin directory.

Apparently it needs cygintl12.dll too.

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+1: I came to this error from a different starting point (trying to compile using cmake & make 3.81 on Ubuntu). But your answer helped my nevertheless... The name of the parent of my build directory contained a ':'. After reading your answer I renamed it...assuming this somehow causes trouble in make...and it worked! –  Rüdiger Stevens Feb 12 '13 at 8:35
Couldn't solve. Can u tell the steps to solve it in windows? –  usman Aug 30 at 9:21
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Couldn't solve. Can u tell the steps to solve it in windows? –  usman Aug 30 at 9:39

I got the same error when trying to build a project on Linux or OSX, that was previously built on a Windows machine and had some .o.d files hanging around in the output folder.

Once I manually deleted the .o.d files the problem was resolved. Apparently the "Clean" command of my IDE (CodeLite in this case) wasn't deleting the .o.d files.

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Wow, just hit this. –  Error 454 Apr 4 '13 at 7:26

I was getting this error because I didn't have a Tab (\t) character at the beginning of my commands. I had expandtab in my vim set so it was replacing a tab character with 4 spaces. When I turned that off and changed spaces to a tab it was fixed

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I had the same problem in a makefile in OSX –  Jouni Aro Aug 16 '13 at 11:07

Most likely due to the presence of a colon following a drive letter. For example consider

build : $(NativeHeaders)/*



then all is well, but


results in the error that you get.

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I had to change the following in my make file to be compatible with Make_381:
ARDUINO_BASE_DIR = C:\programs/arduino

ARDUINO_BASE_DIR = \\programs/arduino

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In my case I was using CMake under Cygwin when I got this error. It turned out the Windows version of CMake was executed. Subsequently, Windows paths were used in the make file. I installed Cygwin's version of CMake through the setup program and got it working.

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I had this problem on Linux when the build directory contained a ":" caused by doing a mercurial checkout which created a directory named "server:port".

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Try this if you're running Eclipse C/C++ and referencing files from Cygwin under Windows, make sure c:/cygwin/bin or c:/cygwin64/bin comes after your preferred compiler tools in your Windows Path environment.

Example: Path = ;C:\yagarto\bin;C:\yagarto-tools\bin;C:\cygwin64\bin;

After making the changes, exit Eclipse and restart for it to take effect (simply restarting Eclipse without exiting won't fix the problem.

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In my project, obj folder was probably corrupted and I was getting this error. Manually deleted obj folder. Then ndk-build completed fine.

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