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I want a "Continuous marquee text" over and over again... back to back... i dont want the text to finish scrolling completely before the next one starts... i want the same text to start scrolling and continue...

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Offtopic, but marquee (be it a marquee tag or jQuery-based one) is evil.

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I like the is link, but the evil one is broken :/ –  d-_-b May 1 '12 at 5:50

jScroller2 probably does what you need without using the marquee tag.

The marquee tag should not be used since it is not a HTML or XHTML standard tag, it was invented for Internet Explorer and other browsers have it just for compatibility.

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Well, if you want a custom implementation I figure you will want to create one using JQuery. A Marquee should be quite easy to create. Have you looked for a readymade script on the Internet?

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