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I have a shared object created in WebScope. when I start the server and clients connect for the first time, it sends change and delete events just fine. but after that it only sends clear event. any ideas?

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I was creating my shared object in appStart and in connect, I was only accessing it and setting some attributes. So probably when the last client disconnected, the SO was destroyed and wasn’t available on subsequent connects? it should have thrown a NullPointerException, no? Anyway, I added a check in connect method to create the shared object if it’s not already created. solves the problem. –  user83950 May 16 '11 at 10:15

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It seems that you use SyncEvent.changeList property, but what for?
I suggest you to iterate over data via SharedObject.data or SyncEvent.data properties.

 var busySO:SharedObject = ...;
 for each (var obj:Object in busySO.data) {
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