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I have build tree for different compilers (msvc-2008, mingw-gcc), generated with CMake:

        |   +---Debug
        |   \---Release

And i want to build all configurations with one script. I wrote simple python wrapper, which iterates over hierarchy and calls cmake --build. For msvc builds i need to select proper configuration for building, cleaning and installing

I read documentation, and find parameter --config.

So final cmake command looks like:

cmake --build win32\mingw-gcc-4.4.0\Debug
cmake --build win32\mingw-gcc-4.4.0\Release
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Debug_Dynamic --config Debug
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Debug_Static --config Debug
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Release_Dynamic --config Release
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Release_Static --config Release

Here cmake commands for clean all targets:

cmake --build win32\mingw-gcc-4.4.0\Debug --target clean
cmake --build win32\mingw-gcc-4.4.0\Release --target clean
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Debug_Dynamic --config Debug --target clean
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Debug_Static --config Debug --target clean
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Release_Dynamic --config Release --target clean
cmake --build win32\msvc-2008\Release_Static --config Release --target clean

So i found answer on my question.

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The question is not really clear. First of all, cmake does not accept those options on the command line. Second, if you already created the project (with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release) then why run cmake again? –  Andre May 16 '11 at 10:12
@Andre, it is possible to build project with CMake, not only configuring. Our project compiles with different compilers, so cmake --build really helps. It is possible to select configuration for building, just call cmake --build my_build_dir --config Release --target clean will clean Release configuration, similar command for installing. –  Alexey May 16 '11 at 10:34
Are you sure, because I get an error, something like "source directory --build does not exist" –  Andre May 16 '11 at 10:55
Thanks, I did not know that. But,... it still does not work for me. Because I do not know which underlying command-line build system is used by cmake I have created an answer for devenv and for msbuild. Perhaps you can edit your question and tell which one is used? –  Andre May 16 '11 at 11:41

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Disclaimer: I must admit that I do not know much about the --build option for Cmake. However, cmake also generates a 'package' and 'install' target, perhaps you can specify those with the --target option with cmake --build.

cmake --build my_build_dir --target install 

Otherwise, you will need to specify those using devenv or msbuild command line options. Without cmake this woule be something like

devenv INSTALL.vcproj /Build Release
devenv INSTALL.vcproj /Clean Release

msbuild INSTALL.vcproj /t:Build /p:Configuration=Release
msbuild INSTALL.vcproj /t:Clean /p:Configuration=Release

I guess you can pass everything after msbuild/devenv through to cmake with '--'

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