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I have a PreferenceActivity where 3 ListPreferences are present.

Each ListPreference has some entries(2 or 3).

I want to show only 1 entry highlighted and the rest greyed out in one of the ListPreference.

What changes do I need to do in PreferenceActivity if I change ListPreference to some CustomeListPreference?

Where do I start? Can anybody help me figure out what to do?

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Since ListPreference inherts Preference you should be able to first set setShouldDisableView() to true. Then, set setEnabled() to false. This should make the item appear disabled (grey) and not clickable.

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but what I want to grey out is the one of the entries in ListPreference , not the ListPreference itself. –  user755193 May 18 '11 at 5:31
hi, let me elaborate, i have 3 list preferences in preferenceACTIVITY, EG: COLORS,Flowers,DAYS and one COLORS has RED,BLUE,YELLOW.I want to grey out blue n yellow in the COLORS LIstPreference. can you please provide some help ? –  user755193 May 18 '11 at 9:22

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