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my problem is like that:

I have got two semitransparent views (views containing animated images with alpha) the second view is placed above the first:

the bottom view is mostly in transparent black (this blackness is fully transparent blackness) and contains also some (opaque) letters

the top view is generally gray-green and opaque and have only few 'edges' which are also gray/green but are mostly transparent

when i place the second view above the first i see the top opaque green view and also the colors of its green (transparent) edges except the spots (pixels) where there bottom letters are shown

i see green (transparent) edges from top view and only the letters from bottom view - NO BOTTOM BLACKNESS shows in result [and this is the effect i want to get)

problem is when i try to reproduce this result in quartz through alpha-blending those view images - the result is different and i can not obtain that one with views mentioned above - not only the bottom letters but also the bottom blackness shows up in my top image transparent edges -

it seem to me that it is impossible to obtain the result ( which can be observed when putting one semitransparent view above the second semitransparent view) by blending images in quartz - when i blend top over the bottom one it seem that bottom image alpha not matters at all - so the transparent black in blending is simply the black and it shows

but why where i put the semitransparent view over the semitransparent view there are different results ??

it is problem for me becouse i need exactly that blending results like in the views

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Can you give us a screenshot? – Nick Weaver May 16 '11 at 11:36
You should find the right CGBlendMode used in views I guess. Provide more details and you'll get more specific answers. – TheBlack May 16 '11 at 11:37
@nick - now i can not @black - i do not fully understand this blend modes stuff but it seems o me that all such blend modes results in mixing even my fully opaque top pixels with the pixels from the bottom - and it is not the result i need (in the blend modes manual there is nothing about alpha - it is for opaque images i think and i do not understand it - it seem that 'normal blend mode' (only with alpha) is the only one for me in my case) So probably this is not blend modes question – fiery May 16 '11 at 11:44

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