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I am looking for Java Behaviour-driven development test frameworks that integrates well with Data-driven development (parametrized values). I started using easyb, but it seems not really data-driven friendly. Looking at the documentation JBehave looks a more consolidated framework, has anyone used one of hose framework with Selenium (Maven project) with CSV or JSON files as feeds.


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Check this post stackoverflow.com/questions/1068785/… –  Paul Verest Dec 17 '12 at 4:55

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Did you have a look at EasyTest framework : https://github.com/EaseTech/easytest/wiki/EasyTest-:-An-Introduction

In essence, you can write Data Driven test cases in a very intuitive manner. Here is a simple example

        @DataLoader(filePaths = { "org/easetech/data/testData.csv" })
         public class TestClass {

       public Item TestMyFirstDataDrivenTest(@Param(name = "libraryId")Float libraryId, @Param(name="itemId")ItemId itemId) {
         .......//Your test conditions here
         return new Item();

You can see, you provide your test data in an external file (in the above example the test data is provided using CSV file, but you can use Excel, XML or even your own custom Data file to load the test data). Next, the method takes the input parameters using @Param annotation. EasyTest Framework will read the test data from your test file and provide it to your test method. All you have to do is define your test data and write your test cases. Thats it.

For more details on how exactly to define your test data, look at the WIKI pages of EasyTest: https://github.com/EaseTech/easytest/wiki

Cheers! Anuj

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