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In my iphone app, I am trying to fetch twits from twitter.

And I got one example coding from following link :


But when i implemented this example I got following warning:

Directory not found for option '-L/Volumes/MacShare/Ankit/Twitter Search/JSON/iphoneos.sdk/usr/local/lib'

What can be done?

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if you are trying with this then why did you deaccept my previous answer... why you accept "Adrian Sarli" answer?? –  Saurabh May 17 '11 at 5:21

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I think you are forgetting the step of copying the JSON framework in your project -

# Drag the JSON folder from the DMG and drop it in your Xcode project. You can add it to the “Other Sources” group if you would like.
# Select the ‘Copy items into destination group’s folder’ option when prompted.

I just downloaded the code from http://mobiletuts.s3.amazonaws.com/14_iPhoneJSONFramework/JSONTwitterSearch.zip and its working great!!

follow the steps carefully!!

You can do one more thing.. download their source code and drag the Json folder from their project to your project..

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