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I have a MySQL table where I want to delete all the entries that contain a part of a string -

for example, in the field "photo_name", a lot of entries might have strings like these:

etc ...

I want to delete all entries that have the term "image-0" as part of the string in this "photo_names" field -

How do you delete entries based on a part of a string?

Thanks guys!

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where photo_name like '%image-0.jpg'

Note that % stands for zero or more characters.
You can also use _ which stands for exactly 1 character.

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Just to clarify things: ibram's particular example means 'match where photo_name ends with the string', not just contains it (somewhere in the middle), because there's no % or _ after the fixed part of the pattern (which is image-0.jpg). –  Andriy M May 16 '11 at 14:21

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