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I am writing a test harness that wraps a signed applet in Netbeans and have written a signing step in the build.xml file (target="-post-jar") for the test harness so that it will be able to access the server as the the signed applet (using the same keystore and alias).

But when running my tests using run or debug in Netbeans the tests seem to use the class-files instead of the signed jar file.

How can I make it use the signed jar file instead. I guess it would be possible to change the classpath in build.xml or the project.properties file.

Hope someone can answer this //Mikael

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2 Answers

I solved this by changing the project.properties classpaths for my project and removed the class-files and added the jar instead.

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In Project Properties->Build->Compiling, disable Compile on Save.

When "Compile on Save" is selected, NetBeans ignores the Run classpath .jars for projects and uses their compiled class files instead.

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Sorry but i can't see how that solves anything? –  Mikael Magnusson May 24 '11 at 9:34
@Mikael - Answer edited. Looking at your self-answer, however, it sounds as if I misunderstood your problem statement. Sorry 'bout that. –  Greg Jandl May 26 '11 at 21:52
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