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I am trying to implement fb-chat from inside my website (in any possible way). Something like in ebuddy or meebo. In a previous question, I was suggested to use the facebook-chat from within an iframe. I searched for some documentation on how to do that but most of the results show how to make applications in a facebook.

Please somebody help me in this? I need some pointers or tutorials from websites which already implemented this. If not possible, please suggest another solution. I have been stuck in this for long time.

thanks a lot

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Yes it can be possible and you can implement this by using facebook provided code and its link is

kindly check this...

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@Gaurav: i am not sure if you got my problem right, i need to enable FB-chat inside a webpage in a pure web environment (it can be from within an iframe or anything else). I can not run python in my clients since it can be any web-browser enabled device (including smartphones and tablets). Thus no plugins are allowed. Is that possible? – sabah May 16 '11 at 14:17

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