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I wanted to know how I could pass a $variable from view, for example, current article id ( $article['Article']['id'] ) to the find('all') call in a function in articles_controller.php.

function getRelated($id = null){
$relatedarticles = $this->Article->find(
                         'fields' => array(
                         'limit' => 4,
                         'order' => ' ASC',
                         'recursive' => 1,
                         'conditions' => array(
                        'Article.category_id =' => $id

if (!empty($this->params['requested'])) {
    return $relatedarticles;
} else {

And then from the view, I would call something like this. I cant seem to get this to work... what is the best way to do this?

<div id="articles_view_related">
Related News
    $currentid = $articles['Article']['id'];
    $relatedarticles = $this->requestAction('/articles/getRelated/id:$currentid');
        foreach($relatedarticles as $relatedarticle){
            echo $relatedarticle['Article']['title'];


thank you for all your help

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I'm struggling to work out why you are doing this task in this way, but here is your answer nonetheless:

$relatedarticles = $this->requestAction('/articles/getRelated/'.$currentid);

You don't need id:$currendId, because of the parameter in your action, anything after /controller/action/ in a URL will be declared as $id in getRelated($id = null); eg: /articles/getRelated/23 and $id will equal 23.

What you should be doing, is declaring the getRelated() method in your model, and then using the controller action to get the contents, and pass it to the view. eg:

$relatedArticles = $this->Article->getRelated($article['Article']['id']);

For data manipulation you want to repeat, stick it in your models :)

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Thanks very much for your quick reply. I am new to CakePHP and MVC altogether, and very often I get stuck trying to figure out what goes where. If I am implying correctly, I should create a getRelated($id = null) function in my articles model just like I have it above, but without the if statement. Then use your suggested code in my controller (Do I create the same function here?). In my view, I should then remove the requestAction call. I appreciate your help on this... – Andre Santiago May 16 '11 at 13:47
Yeah I think you've grasped it, if you want to include related articles in any of your other actions (which I think is your overall goal), just put call to $this->Article->getRelated() inside your other action. – Dunhamzzz May 16 '11 at 13:51
Awesome... You are correct. I would like to use getRelated in my other actions as well. Thanks for the lesson... I will try what you have suggested and post back later. – Andre Santiago May 16 '11 at 13:57

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