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I would like to set the current date/time to populate automatically into the input textbox according to the same format used by this timepicker plugin:


The plugin assumes that you want the input text field to appear blank until the user interacts with it.

    ampm: true

But I want the input text field to already contain the current date and time:

05/16/2011 04:00 am

The only way I can see to do this at the moment is using my server-side scripting language.

But ideally there should be a way to do this with JavaScript or jQuery?

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In the link you provided, it shows you how to specify the time:

    hour: 13,
    minute: 15

A quick way would be to set the value of the text box within the HTML markup, e.g.

<input type="text" id="example7" value="05/16/2011 04:00" />

Or it could be done with JQuery:

$('#example7').val("05/16/2011 04:00");
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$('#yourcontrol').datetimepicker('setDate', new Date());

to set the control with current date and time.

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