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Is there any method to debug Linux kernel module? I am looking for a GUI based facility like the ones used for user processes?

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If you can run your kernel in a virtual machine, VMware Workstation lets GDB attach to the VM to debug the running kernel. You can probably do the same with other VM platforms, though I'm not familiar with those.

There is also KGDB for debugging a kernel on bare hardware. You connect to the target computer over its serial port. I've used this a little, and it works, but VMware does it better. Modern kernels have merged KGDB into mainline, so you won't need to patch.

That doesn't fully answer your question, because GDB isn't exactly a GUI-based tool on its own. You'll have to find some GUI debugger that uses GDB's stub protocol for debugging or that wraps GDB with a usable interface.

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Thank for your reply, but actually i have tested this remedy but newer version of kernel because of compiler optimization the generated vmlinux dos not have any debugging information! I could not find any way to disable it. –  amrzar May 16 '11 at 22:10
@amrzar: If your binary kernel/module has no debugging info, you won't find any common debugger that can help you. Fortunately, the debugging info does exist. If you're using your distribution's kernel, google to find the debug package. If you're compiling your own, look in the "Kernel Hacking" menu for "Compile the kernel with debug info". –  Karmastan May 17 '11 at 1:23

Yes, if u want GUI, then virtualization and kgdb is needed. Eg, VirtualBox running linux with kernel module to be debugged, and host is another linux.


I have done it for Linux and OpenSolaris, and I must say VirtualBox is really superb for understanding things happening in the kernel.

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