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How can I load a .resx file with GetLocalResourceObject when using NVelocity? I'm using ASP.NET MVC with mvccontrib nvelocity viewengine and sharp-architechture.

I've hardcoded every possible virtualpath I could think of (eg. ~/Home/index.vm.resx) but everyone fails. I've also tried with ExpressionBuilderContext.

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Where are you calling GetLocalResourceObject? Calling it from a controller action will not work, because an action has no real association to any view file (e.g. /Home/Index.vm). A local resource will only work from within the actual view (/Home/Index.vm).

Also, make sure the .resx files are placed within App_LocalResources folders in each of the "view folders" (e.g. /Home/)

  • /Views/Home/Index.vm
  • /Views/Home/App_LocalResources/Index.vm.resx

Hope this was of some help Anders, if not, buzz me on Messenger ;-)

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