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I need to validate and input string client side.

Here is an example of the string:

1:30-1:34, 1:20-1:22, 1:30-1:37, 

It's basically time codes for a video.

Can this be done with regex?

Banging my head against the wall...

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What are your requirements? Does the second number have to be larger than the first? Is the pattern always #:##, up to 9999:59? It will not be very easy to make sure the range is always valid with regex. – mellamokb May 16 '11 at 14:41
What would be considered a good/bad string for validation? – WSkid May 16 '11 at 14:43
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The following is a simple representation. I have assumed that the string has the exact same form as you have shown. This may be a good starting point for you. I'll improve the regex if you provide more specific requirements.


Explanation (inspired from Tim above)

[0-9]+   #One ore more digits
:      # A colon
[0-9]{1,2}  #A single digit or a pair of digits
-       #A dash
,       #A comma
\w*      #Optional whitespace

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^(?:\b\d+:\d+-\d+:\d+\b(?:, )?)+$

would probably work; at least it matches your example. But you might need to add a few edge cases to make the rules for matching/not matching clearer.

^        # Start of string
(?:      # Try to match...
 \b      # start of a "word" (in this case, number)
 \d+     # one or more digits
 :       # a :
 \d+     # one or more digits
 -       # a dash
 \d+     # one or more digits
 :       # a :
 \d+     # one or more digits
 \b      # end of a "word"
 (?:, )? # optional comma and space
)+       # repeat one or more times
$        # until the end of the string
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