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I want to be able to extract a couple of key value pairs (if they exist) from a href. Assume example hrefs like:


Basically baz may not exist. Using jQuery I'm capturing this on click function, I'd like to be able to find out what the values are (if they exist).


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Something I've used in the past for this is a simple function like this:

var $_GET = {};
document.location.search.replace(/\??(?:([^=]+)=([^&]*)&?)/g, function () {
function decode(s) {
    return decodeURIComponent(s).replace(/\+/g, " ");
$_GET[decode(arguments[1])] = decode(arguments[2]);

Then the $_GET variable contains everything. $_GET.baz would return 123 for example. You could also access them like $_GET["baz"] if you needed to type in strings with spaces.

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This looks idea, thank you. –  Raoul May 16 '11 at 14:56

You can use the JQuery URL parser to achieve this. Here is an example where an object of the parameters is returned:

$.url('http://allmarkedup.com?sky=blue&grass=green').param(); // returns { 'sky':'blue', 'grass':'green' }
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You can find many solutions on the net, take a look at parseUri, for example.

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