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My application takes a user inputted string and tries to parse it with the Lucene query parser. I noticed however that there are several formats of strings that provoke an error in this query parser.

  • ~anystring
  • anystring +

First I tried molding my user inputted string so that it could not contain these cases, but as I see it, there could be more cases I do not foresee now.

How do you handle Query parser exceptions? How do you prevent them?

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We catch the remaining parse exceptions and display an error message ("Your search did not match any documents. Suggestion: Try different keywords.").

See also

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Hmm, yes, this is the most obvious way to go. But I would think that some common cases would be solved by the query parser itselve. But maybe that shouldn't be it's resposibility indeed. – Boris Callens Mar 2 '09 at 13:02

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