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I know that the title is somehow stupid but I have no idea on how to ask else. I'm trying to include one of the standard librarys (stdio.h or string.h) in my header file (head.h) which is then included by my main.c script.

Everything works fine on my Windows 7 x64 TCC (http://bellard.org/tcc/) but the college's solaris (I have no idea but it's seriously stoneage stuff) gcc 4.0.2 (2005 apparently) just doesn't do... (I get "undefined symbol" errors etc.)

main.c (excerpt):

#include "head.h"

head.h (excerpt):

// include librarys
#include <stdio.h>      // standard input/output
#include <string.h>     // operations on strings
#include <locale.h>     // unicode string output

makefile (complete):

CX = tcc
IN = funcdef.o main.o

mslupczynski: ${IN}
${CX} -o mslupczynski.out ${IN}

funcdef.o: head.h funcdef.c
main.o: head.h main.c

What am I doing wrong? And why is GCC acting so retarded when TCC isn't :D? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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What errors do you get? –  Laurynas Biveinis May 16 '11 at 15:11
What error messages are you getting? Verbatim, please. –  Chris Jester-Young May 16 '11 at 15:11
"undefined symbol" is a linker error, not a compiler one. probably has nothing to do (or not much) with #includes. please post whatever you are using on Solaris - what you have working with tcc is irrelevant. –  Mat May 16 '11 at 15:12
It works fine for me. And don't rip on GCC. It saved my life in the Yukon. –  Beta May 16 '11 at 15:29
I'm getting an "Undefined symbol _fopen" (which is one of my functions in funcdef.h) in the main.c But when I make the program I'm getting "syntax error before or at *" where he's referencing to FILE *fileptr = NULL; –  Asmodiel May 16 '11 at 15:35

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The problem were several syntax mistakes in the funcdef.c which lead to not linking it with the main.c.

And the syntax mistakes were mainly C++ code in ANSI C which was tolerated by tcc and hated by gcc. ^^

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