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How can i change the orientation of the crystal report in c# to Landscape orientation? I am using the crystal report in the portrait orientation.

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You may Right click--->Design--->Page SetUp--->Orientation--->LandScape format.

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Crystal Reports uses your current printer settings. Change those, and your report changes to match.

So, to change the orientation of your report to landscape view:

  1. File -> Printer Setup.

  2. In the "Orientation" section, choose "Landscape".

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In order to change the orientation to Landscape mode you need to go to Crystal Reports-> Design-> Printer Setup

Then change the orientation to Landscape or Portrait according to your need.

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For changing Orientation Of crystal report dynamically Follow following step:

 1. Copy Crystal Report and past in same project,Rename it.

 2. Now Right click on New Crystal Report > Design>Page SetUp > Orientation > LandScape ,that is set new new crystal report Orientation  as LandScape
 3. Last step is to Load new crystal report to ReportDocument at runtime

it will display crystal report in LandScape mode.

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