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I'm a power Eclipse user on Linux/Windows, and the keyboard shortcuts are practically muscle memory. Just recently started developing on a Mac (love it!), using Eclipse, but was really tripped up by the use of the command key... and not all the shortcuts map over consistently.

I've already re-mapped all my common shortcuts to use Ctrl, but was wondering if anyone's found a more efficient and complete way to do this? Has some kind soul gone through all the shortcuts and posted a preferences file ready for import?

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Would you mind posting your mapping somewhere? I would be willing to work on it and share our combined results. – Francis Upton Jan 17 '10 at 7:31

Instead of using the command key,

alt text

, may be this article Mac Keys for Eclipse might contains a preference file (to be imported) with interesting shortcuts.

(Save your current preferences first ;) )

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I had the same problem when switching. While this does not answer your direct question, I would really recommend you to learn the Mac shortcuts.

The command key on a Mac is located better than Ctrl key, and pressing it causes less stress for your hand. After many years of developments I gradually start to feel pain in my hands, and I know (feel) that key placement matters — so save your health while it's fine.

The following mapping table might help you:

  • Ctrl -> Command (obviously)
  • Ctrl-Shift -> Command-Option (aka Command-Alt)
  • Alt-Shift -> no change (Option-Shift)

Today, even when I switch between Mac and Windows, I still have no problem with shortcuts. Turns out Mac and Windows Eclipse shortcuts can be different kinds of muscle memory.

Also I have once drawn a set of keyboard pictures with various Mac Eclipse shortcuts, available at www.tarantsov.com/eclipse/shortcuts-illustrated/ — maybe this can help you too.

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The trouble is developing on Windows with Eclipse or Linux you have to use different key bindings, this really messes with muscle memory and the fact that it's a cross-platform application. I really wish there was a "Windows/Linux" key binding mode like there is an emacs key binding mode. – Dougnukem Dec 3 '09 at 4:17
link is broken :( – Nelson Ramirez Aug 11 '11 at 23:06
I think you're approaching the key mappings by thinking of the names (Alt-Shift = no change) where the original author (and myself) are more concerned with muscle memory. So positionally, ALT-Shift on Windows would be no change if it was Command-Shift on Mac, since Alt and Command are the keys that are right beside the space bar. – Steve Armstrong Apr 24 '12 at 23:19
@SteveArmstrong: try it on a Macbook where you also have to press fn along with the shortcut. For example, run is CTRL+F11 on Windows, but to do the same on a Macbook you also have to hit fn at the same time. – Adam Parkin Jul 16 '12 at 15:29

I have the same case... Mac is only something temporary for me to test some things, and while at it, it really annoys me that I cannot use the keybindings available on Linux/Windows (and with the short sessions, it's worthless trying to retrain my muscles), so, if someone does have a preference file for that, I'd appreciate it too.

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I Strongly recommend you to go with the flow regarding to mac shortcuts. I am a windows user who switch to Linux and recently to Mac. i use eclipse in and most commands that involves ctrl are just change to command like: command + c and command + v for copy and paste. And Command + Shift + r to replace. Command + B to build all. and of course FN + F5 to refresh. Besides Mac shorcuts usually work for almost all mac apps so dont waste your time switching every app to be windows like because you just focus on what mac/os is missing instead of enjoying new ways to use you computer.

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This doesn't always apply. I do windows, mac, and linux development on my Macs. I use visual studio, x-code, eclipse etc. The Mac keyboard shortcuts are annoying at best. Why would I want to jump to the top of the file when I press 'home'? 99% of the time I only want to go to the front of the line of code - windows/linux dev tools get this right. – Arunas Feb 10 '15 at 6:22

I believe this should do the trick In your Eclipse for Windows machine

Use: File->export->General and select 'Keys Preferences'

and import that file to your Eclipse for Mac

File -> import -> General

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