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I need to get a list of MUC's in a XMPP server (OpenFire). I have read about XEP 0030 and service discovery, but can not find documentation or examples about implementing it with xmpppy.

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Look in xmpp/, and try code like this:

for i in discoverItems(conn, jid.getDomain()):
    (ids, features) = discoverInfo(conn, i.jid)
    if NS_MUC in features:
        print i.jid

(warning: completely untested)

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Thank you very much !!! It worked. I had to replace jid.getdomain() with the name of the service, in my case conference.servername and I get a dictionary - i with keys - jid, name . –  Joleng May 20 '11 at 15:05

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