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I have the following script:

    $(".Text").contents().each(function () {
            .replace(/\[([^\]]*)\]/g, '<span class="IT_Symbol" style="display:inline;border: 1px solid blue;">$&</span>')

It finds anything between square brackets and wraps it with a class. The element style is so i can see it working, as this script is triggered by a doubleclick. Currently it finds everything between square brackets including the brackets themselves. If possible, i'd like to remove the brackets, but keep what's between.

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@ianace If you're going to edit code, please don't turn it into illegal Javascript! –  lonesomeday May 16 '11 at 17:40

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You're replacing with $&, which is the whole matched text. If you replace with $1 instead, this only matches the first group, which is ([^\]]*), and therefore excludes the surrounding brackets.

$(".Text").contents().each(function () {
    $(this).replaceWith($(this).text().replace(/\[([^\]]*)\]/g, '<span class="IT_Symbol" style="display:inline;border: 1px solid blue;">$1</span>'));
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