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I have experience writing web apps in Django; scripting in Python; playing with PHP and I understand Object Oriented Programming. I need to get started ASAP with C# in order to start learning and using ASP.NET for a clients project.

Is there a way to get a working knowledge of C# without passing by the over-a-thousand-pages-books? How should I proceed to gain that knowledge?


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this is an unsolicited plug for ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution the book - it was how i learned ASP.NET a while back and it really gets to the point. – Aaron Anodide May 16 '11 at 17:44

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It depends on the project, of course, but given your programming background you'll be learning more about the intricacies of ASP.NET and the "how to's" of C#. In other words, you've already got a good jump start.

I'd recommend focusing on learning ASP.NET as most examples are in C# and you'll get the idea along the way.

This might also help: The first few chapters of Beginning ASP.NET 4 are available here:

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If you have the prior knowledge you say you do with OOP, Python, and PHP...C# should be incredibly easy for you to pick up.

It's incredibly similar to Java in syntax, so if you know any of that you're basically good already.

I quickly read through these when I got started with C# and I was able to pick it up very quickly.

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It's as good of a lanuage to get started with OO programming as any. Incidentally, I don't find ASP.NET to be overly OO, compared to alot of things, so for a speedy approach I'd take a reverse engineer successively more complicated examples, and good place to find them is in the tutorials on

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These are some of the good books for C# since you are already familiar with OOPS concept.

C# via CLR C# in depth C# in a nutshell

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