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I'm a Java web programmer used to work with DWR and now I have to develop with PHP. I've just created my model with PHP 5 classes and I'd like to access my PHP Classes throught AJAX directly from JavaScript as DWR does.

It's a very simple web and I'm not using heavy frameworks such as CakePHP or Zend, only a bunch of classes modelling data and another bunch with the "bussiness logic". Then every single PHP page should invoke the proper method in logic classes, obtain an instance of a model class and present it to the user.

(thanks anybody trying to help)

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Maybe but i think Jquery + PhpBackend do it perfect.

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I personally use CodeIgniter, which probably falls in to the "heavy framework" category, but is at least much lighter than CakePHP (and lighter than Zend too, I think).

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