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Two questions, everybody:

1) How do I toggle Isotope on and off?

2) How do I toggle layout modes? That is, how do I go from this:

 $('.content').isotope({  itemSelector : '.hentry',
                          layoutMode : 'cellsByRow',
                          cellsByRow : { columnWidth : 240, rowHeight : 360 } });

to this:

 $('.content').isotope({  itemSelector : '.hentry',
                          layoutMode : 'masonry'});

with a simple click switch? Any ideas?


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1) To disable Isotope after initializing it, use the destroy method


Then turn it back on by triggering Isotope again

$('.content').isotope( /* options */ )

2) You would change layout modes just like your example code, by setting the layoutMode in the options. This will also trigger a re-layout and the layout will change.

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Thank you, again! :) – konzepz May 16 '11 at 20:08

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