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Can anybody suggest any python *ssl rsa library* , which has a function like in PHP (openssl_csr_get_public_key).

Because i have a certificate , with which i need to verify the data . And every time i try to use this certificate with M2Crypto public key functiton , it gives error "no start line " , which is completely understandable because its not a public key , but a certificate which has a public key in it. As much as i understand.

Thx in advance .

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I think what you want is M2Crypto.X509.load_cert(), and then getting the public key from the certificate object using cert.get_pubkey().

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Yeah. Thx .Thats exactly what i needed. One last question would be great if u could help. Now that i signed string with private_key , and loaded certificate_request , and got public key , i want to verify that i was the one who signed the string , so i do : csr.verify_init() csr.verify_update(StringSignature.encode('base64')) csr.verify_final() What signature do i have to pass to verify_final ? What exactly is signature ? I thought all you need to verify the string is public key 0_O. Thx Really appreciate your help. –  Viktor May 16 '11 at 22:32
Oh LOL.... I just understood that i kind of said :D a stupid thing ... I guess i should have passed the string i encoded to update() method , and StringSignature in base64 to verify_final() .... –  Viktor May 16 '11 at 22:34

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