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my functions.php file is just a placeholder for many different functions. I have another file settings.php that I use to store different settings. Some of the functions in functions.php will need to access some of the variables in settings.php, so I tried:


on top of the functions.php file, but that does not seem to give my functions access to the variable in settings.php. I need to put require("settings.php") in every function separately.

Is there a way I can declare the variables in settings.php to be accessible globally to all functions defined in functions.php?

Thank you,

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what you're saying should work fine. can you post an example? do you understand variable scope? – captainclam May 16 '11 at 19:03
You want to define a single $config[] array with all the settings variables. This way you avoid aliasing each after another with global. – mario May 16 '11 at 19:42
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You need to modify your functions in functions.php to use global variables defined in settings.php.

Inside settings.php;

$var1 = "something";
$var2 = "something else";

By using the global keyword:

function funcName() {
  global $var1;
  global $var2;

 // Rest of the function...

Or more preferably, using the $GLOBALS[] superglobal array. Any variables declared at global scope, like I assume your settings.php vars are, will be included as array keys in $GLOBALS[]. It's a little better for readability than using the global keyword inside each function.

function funcName() {
  $y = $GLOBALS['var1'];
  $x = $GLOBALS['var2'];
 // Etc...
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Although you've set these variables in your settings.php file, when you try to reference them in your functions it won't work. This is because variables in functions a locally scoped to the function.

To access these global variables you need to use the global keyword to bring your global variables into scope.

For example:

// Declared in settings.php
$x = 1234;

// One of your functions
function MyFunc()
  global $x;


You need to do this for every function where $x is accessed.

For more information see:

Variable scope - php.net docs

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I do not know the details of your issue, but you may wish to use require_once() within each function. This seems to be better idea than using some global variables.

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You're thinking global variables.

However that's not the best way to go.

Can you perhaps create a class?

class SomeClass
    private $settings;

    function __construct()
        $this->settings = $variable(s) from settings file

    function some_function()
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