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I'm using MappedBirthYear in my signupXhtml

  object birth_year extends MappedBirthYear(this, 18) {

based on the api

What options do I have to put birth_day and birth_month, to set the date: dd/mm/aaaa, in my signupXhtml

help me please

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object birth_month extends MappedInt(this) {  // adapted from MappedUniqueId.scala
  override def defaultValue = 1  

  override def _toForm: Box[NodeSeq] = {  
    val start = 1
    val end = 31
    Full(SHtml.selectObj((start to end).  
          map(y => (y, y.toString)),  
          Full(is), this.set) % ("id" -> fieldId))  

or you simply take a MappedDate

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thank you very much for your help Debilski, it was very useful – Sanx May 18 '11 at 15:12

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